Adventures in Google Spreadsheets

I’ve barely done any work with spreadsheets for the best part of a decade, so I thought I’d put my (micro) brain to work on Google spreadsheets.  And what better subject than MONEY!

Like a saddo, I went back through my Amazon history for the last 5 years and made a charty thing of the amount I’ve spent on myself.  First up, total yearly spend:

All the coins, gone?

An average spend of £252, topped out with a lavish £479.23 in 2007.  Admittedly, this did include buying an iPod, which covers the best part of 200 bangs.  This year I’ve spent a measly £112.97.  And a steady decrease in spend over the last 3 years shows that I’m getting even stingier, if that’s even possible.  Hooray for stinge!

What was that money spent on, you’re probably not asking yourself. Well, let me tell you.  Or rather show you, by way of a Wu-tang coloured chart, hooray!


Now, you might be thinking, “that’s absolutely brilliant, but I wonder if his buying habits changed over the years.  Did he buy more or less books as he aged?  I really need to know”.  Fear not dear reader

I ain't got time ta read

Google spreadsheets might be a bit guff, but I can still entertain you while teaching you something about advanced economics.  You’re welcome


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