Clearing the pile – Angel, ep1.14

Foreword/prologue/notes on the pile – In an effort to clear the Pile of Shame, I’m watching TV boxsets, then blogging about them.  I was midway through Angel season 1 when I decided to do this, so this is the start.  Think of it as a pile of rubbish with some bits missing.  Onwards:

I’ve Got You Under My Skin

First of all, this being a Joss Whedon project, I’ll keep an ear out for ‘Jossys’.  A Jossy is a term regularly used in any Whedon production, and is formed by adding a ‘y’ to the end of a normal word (e.g. typey, bloggy, slayery).  Jossys are used by many writers on Whedon projects, as Joss himself threatens to disembowel any writer that doesn’t reach their Jossy episode quota.

Oh no, Angel called Wes ‘Doyle’.  That might not mean much to you if I don’t explain it.

Angel dives in front of a speeding car to save a child (just like every Tuesday).  Yet he doesn’t have a hair out of place.  Ooh, that Angel.

Angel goes to the boys house (I assume he was invited in), and has a sit-down with the boy’s family.  Doing his best to stay incognito, he uses the pseudonym “Angel Jones”.  Crafty.

I figure that someone in the house is possessed by a demon.  This was hinted at earlier when Wes stated “someone in that house is possessed by a demon”.

Roasty (Jossy #1)

The boy is indeed possessed, and is taken back to Angel HQ to rip it out.  This episode has become a complete tribute to The Exorcist.  I like to think that behind the camera, Willy Friedkin is firing a shotgun and knocking sandwiches out of people’s hands.

Demony (Jossy #2)

Wes tries to exorcise the demon (this might not end well).  A wonderful bit of fictional Latin in the exorcism scene, “ominous spiritus”.  Language that George Lucas would be proud of.

Shit!  Wes has a crucifix stuck in his neck (ooh that Wes).

Cordelia is in a magic shop.  I love the idea that these places make their trade through demon battle equipment and exorcism utensils.  Supernatural horror films would be better if the demons had to stock up on evil and powers in their local fairtrade Diabolical-Mart.  “Carton of malevolence, shopkeep”.

This episode, as with most TV, would be improved if Angel cut a kid’s head off with an axe.

“You great, putrescent bully” – Wes

The demon is exorcised, but manages to escape.  Angel and Wes track it down in a ruddy tunnel.  The demon sounds like Jigsaw.  And that’s where it pulls the trousers from under our skirt.  It reveals that the little chap it possessed doesn’t have a soul.  Cut to the little bastard trying to burn his sister and parents in a big fire.  The demon-child in question is referred to as ‘the blackest hole’.  I should have a quip about that.  I don’t.  I am rubbish.

In a display of anti-drama, the parents escape the fire by leaving the house.  A little Angel-compassion for the father and we’re done.

All in all, a mehpisode. with an uninspired twist at the end.  Could do better.


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