Angel – Episode 1.15 – The Prodigal

The episode opens with Angel in his pre-vamp days, in the mythical area known as Ireland.  His dad’s a dobber.  Angel gets drunk and fights like a bloody bloke.  The woman who will soon turn him (and whose name escapes me) looks on.

Back in the present day, Kate appears.  I’m sure she’s been away for ages.  My last recollection of her was when everyone was hugging it out about 8 episodes ago.

Christina Hendricks makes an appearance, and I completely lose track of everything else that’s happening, on-screen and off.

Kate’s at a demon-crime scene.  A courier that looks like Danny McBride is being interviewed as a witness.  Which of course makes him suspicious.  Neither Kate or any of the po-po seem to notice this.  I am god.

Angel trails the courier, and he makes a collection at Kate’s dad’s house.  Is her dad dabbling in evil bum magic?  Perhaps.

I’m 31 years old, but I sniggered when Kate’s dad said “pumping my daughter for information”.

Turns out he’s been trafficking in, eh, adrenaline glands or something, I wasn’t paying attention (Christina Hendricks was on earlier you know).  He’s killed by vampires while Angel watches on (he wasn’t invited in).

Films and TV never take the time to illustrate how tough it must be for vampires to decide whether to kill someone or turn them.  They can either have a new friend or a meal, but not both.  This will be covered in my new 18-part show, ‘To turn or to tuck in? – The Vampire’s Dilemma’.

Kate’s accepted the whole supernatural underworld now.  So she goes after the vamps and their demon manager.  Being a woman, she gets herself in trouble.  ‘Til Angel turns up of course, saving her, killing the vamps and beheading the demon.  And that’s that, done, roll credits.

The Prodigal played up fatherhood, showing the roles of father figures with the parallel stories of Kate and Angel.  But neither did much with them.  And the story was the rail to hang this upon, and didn’t do anything else.  Another mediocre episode.  I leave you with these words:

Vampin’ ain’t easy

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