Last night’s dream

I had to save Leeanne from Coronation St.  She had been kidnapped by someone from Eastenders, who wasn’t someone I recognised from either real life or TV, but looked a lot like Nick Frost.  I’ll call him Nick from now on.  He was a well known murderer and a very naughty boy.

He abducted Leeanne and escaped on an enormous train.  Kiefer Sutherland gave chase on a motorbike, and managed to board the train, but was never seen again.  I ran after it, which was less successful, despite me being really fast.  Somehow or other I ended up on the train.

From my hidden vantage point I watched Nick discuss killing poor Leanne with a woman I did not recognise.  It was then that I realised I would have to murder him.  In the stockroom, which was also on the train (I told you it was big).  I decided to first break into the train control room, which was separated from the stockroom through cunning use of cardboard.  I used scissors.  And it was there I was confronted by Nick.

We faced each other cautiously, now back in the stockroom, like Luke S and his daddy.  It was then that I realised I would have to murder him with boxes of flat-packed furniture.  So I attacked him with boxes, smashing his face, ribs and stomach with unbuilt tables and chairs.  But I was always scared he’d bite me or trip me up.  He didn’t.  He was about to die.  Then someone told me to spare him.  So I did.

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