Angel – Episode 1.19 – Sanctuary

Sanctuary is part 2 of 2 of the Faith storyline.  There you go.

Judging by the big spoilery photo of Buffy on the episode menu, Buffy is in this one (spoilers).

Cordelia was beaten up by Faith, who also tortured Wes.  Both made it into work the very next day.  That’s hardcore.  Or Angel doesn’t pay sick leave.

Time to make a stand – there are doughnuts in this episode.  Yes, doughnuts, not donuts.  I’m sure in the script they’re called donuts, and if I turned on the subtitles they’d be referred to as donuts.  But here, where I’m typing this, they’re doughnuts.  Shut up.

Wes is a bit miffed that the woman who almost tortured him to death is in Angel HQ, getting doughnuts.

My memory is failing me regarding Faith.  I assume she survives the end of Buffy but I can’t be sure.  I’m not looking it up, and it doesn’t matter to this episode anyway.  So there.

Faith can and may survive to kill again because Angel can’t bring himself to kill her.  Which makes them Batman and The Joker.

Cordelia gets Angel to sign her holiday slips, because she’s too scared to stay around for the Faith rehabilitation.  Admin isn’t seen enough in fiction, with the exception of The Wire.  And if Angel is the legal business owner, does he have fake ID, seeing as he’s hundreds of years old?  These big questions need answered.

Kate makes another appearance.  The police station receives an arrest warrant from Sunnydale for Faith.  I’m surprised that there’s any police paperwork from there, given that almost everybody that dies there is killed by a demon or a vampire.  There’s either a lot of corpse-ignoring going on there, or prisons full of homeless people, all set up to take the fall for supernatural crimes.

A bit of Tarantino-esque pop culture referencing, as an officer calls Kate “Scully”.  She then explains that Scully is the sceptic, and she’s more like Mulder.  A potential crossover?  No?  Okay then.

There’s tension.  And doughnuts.

This episode is maybe the best of the season.  It’s slow, but has some great character moments.  It looks really good too, a definite step-up in cinematography from earlier in the season.  Dark and moody and lovely.

At the start of this episode, Faith was all cut-up from the previous episode’s fighting.  But by the next scene she’s healed.  That’s very quick healing, even for a slayer.

Faith continues her rapid fire breakdowns/mood swings.  Angel is one hell of a psychotherapist, as Faith essentially goes “I’mleavingyou’reabastardhelpme”, covering a range of emotions and accepting Angel’s help again in the space of mere seconds.

Wes is understandably miffed about being tortured.  It would be easy for a programme like this to ignore character’s emotions and reset every episode.  Good on them.

Of course, I was too stupid to realise that the script sets up Wes’ anger as part of the plot.  The Council (from back home in bloody England) turn up.  They know that Faith is down with Angel.  They want Wes to double-cross Angel, sedate Faith and let them kidnap her.

A little Whedon-esque moment – Faith says “How does this work?”.  Angel launches into a spiel about acceptance of guilt and self-forgiveness and patience.  Then Faith shows that she meant how the popcorn maker works.  I laugh, Faith and Angel don’t.  Bores.

Still slow, but in a fun way.  Enough of your demon-hunting, more chatting please.

Faith tells a story about getting down and dirty with Riley (when her and Buff swapped bodies), clueing Angel in on Buffy’s new beau.  Sadly, the viewer is also reminded of Riley, and our eyes briefly glaze over.

Prediction time – Faith starts to trust Angel and Wes (again).  But she catches Wes about to drug her, goes mental and escapes.

Is Faith’s tale here an allegory for drug addiction.  Yeah, why not?

Trouble brews as Faith is on TV on TV.

A very purple demon (phallic symbolism?  Again, why not?) is sent by Wolfram & Hart to kill Faith.  Her and Angel kick its ass.

As Angel and Faith have some nice hugs, Buffy turns up and moans about it.  All she does in this episode is complain, just like a crazy ex would do.  She wants some of Faith, and not in the way of the Swedish DVDs I definitely don’t have.

“You apologise to me I will beat you to death” – Buffy to Faith.  Angel is of course all for Faith getting a second chance (or a tenth one or whatever).  But Buff isn’t having it.  Angel is more lenient drug legislation, and Buffy the harder stance.  I’m getting right carried away now.

Buffy hits Angel, and, good on him, he hits her right back.  But then he ruins it by apologising.

Lindsey from Wolfram & Hart is really good at being a shit.

Wes lets The Council think he’s going along with their devious plan, then double-crosses them.  But still they come!  Faith and Buffy escape to the roof.  Something’s gotta give

The Council, like most ‘elite killers’, can’t shoot to save themselves.  But they do have loads of ammo, and a chopper (snigger).

Angel pulls a remarkable move to save the broads, jumping up through a skylight and onto the heli.  Faith does the off, and Buffy and Angel get…arrested?  Kate, on Lindsey’s advice, has stuck her oar in.

Buffy and Angel get taken to the police station.  They see Faith there, confessing to stuff.  For some reason this means they’re free. Maybe the station doesn’t have enough staff to process them all, with cutbacks and all that.

The last shot of Faith is her locked up.  Presumably she doesn’t stay locked up for long, making it out for season 7 of Buffy.

A strong episode, maybe the best of the season so far.  Eh, and that’s all.


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