Angel – Episode 1.20 – War Zone

A lonely alley, a lone woman.  This is how bad things happen.

Here comes a black fella.  And his crew.  They’re a gang of demon hunters.  The leader’s name is Gunn.  He has a sister.  She is black also.  Does introducing a new characters with 3 episodes left in a season mean that he’ll be important to the finale?

There’s a party, but Wes and Angel aren’t dancing.  I am disappoint.

They meet with a tech millionaire.  He reminds me of Zuckerberg.  Or Eisenberg.  Or Eisenberg’s Zuckerberg.

“Are you familiar with Dungeon’s & Dragon’s”.  “Yeah, I’ve seen a few” – Angel

If there really was a demon brothel in Bel Air, we would’ve seen it in The Fresh Prince.  Unless it has been built since, of course.

There’s a tete-a-tete between vamps and this squad of hunters.  Gunn is like a rubbish Omar Little.

Of course he wants to get close to death, his name’s Gunn

Angel mentions that he can’t have a family and that, setting this episode up to be about loneliness and being miserable (like Eastenders).

Angel gets attacked by a demon, and is now running away.

More fool me, he’s not, he’s swinging on a pole to kick the demon’s face off.

Now Gunn’s gang (The Gunners?) are hunting Angel.  Is he in real danger?  Pulleez.

Faith is forgotten about, as is Wes’ anger towards Angel, and all their scars have healed.

Contrasting the wealth of the Zuckerberg guy with the young homeless.  I see what you’re getting at writers of Angel.

They get at even more, as a shaven-headed, bomber jacket-wearing vampire gives his crew a pep talk on eliminating the gang.  Nazi demons are to die for.

The vamps start to raid the gang’s hideout.  Gunn evacuates the building, sending the rest fo escape upstairs.  Bad move bucko.  The vamps planned this all along, and snatch up the sister.  I’m glad to see vampires out in sunlight, wearing masks and hoods for protection.  They should all do this.

Gunn and the remaining gang don’t want help from “a middle-class white dude, that’s dead”.  They throw Angel in a locker.

Gunn tries to rescue his sister, but is too late, she’s dead.  Not the normal dead though, not that dead you eat, she’s vampire dead.  It’s actually quite a sad scene as Gunn struggles to kill her.  But he manages it eventually.

Angel escapes the locker just as Wes and Cordelia arrive.  They ask him why he didn’t call them on his mobile.  A win for technology.

It occurs to me that, even in Hollywood, there must be some people you can’t cast as vampires, because they’re so ugly to begin with.  The vamp-up process wouldn’t be as dramatic if you’re already a demented-face.

Cordelia says she wants to hoe herself out to Zuckerberg guy.  Because he’s rich and lonely.  She hints that she’s lonely too.  Cut to Gunn hanging about on a rooftop all lonely.  Angel turns up, “skulking” and consoles him.  The world is lonely and people are lonely.  And the credits roll.

War Zone covers loneliness, the disparity of wealth, child homelessness, gangs, racism, and vampires but not doughnuts.  A good episode nonetheless.


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