Angel – Episode 1.21 – Blind Date

Blind Date?  I’ll take a stab in the dark (like a blind person would) and assume that there’s a blind person in this episode.

And sure enough there is.  She turns up and whips Angel good and proper (a fairly regular occurrence in the last few episodes).  We see what she sees (if that makes sense), and she’s seeing heat or something, like the Predator.  I’m still fighting the urge to make Daredevil comparisons.

The blind broad is now in court, accused of murder, and defended by Wolfram & Hart.  To prove that she’s got a very specific set of death skills, Angel throws some glasses at her.  That is not a typo.  It was like that rubbish bit in a Blade film where Kristofferson throws sunglasses to Blade, and he puts them on in massively cheesy fashion.  I digress.

“Nice to see you again”.  See what she did there?

I wonder where the idea for W&H came from.  I wonder and I wonder, but I never actually try to find out.

Lindsey’s boss tells him of the blind’s latest job.  “There are some children arriving, who may pose a threat”.  Lindsey looks concerned.  Lindsey’s growing a conscience.  Lindsey.

“No guilt, no consequences” – Angel.  Angered by the blind’s trial, Angel rags on W&H and the American justice system.  He misses the simplicity and absolute nature of being a vampire.  As we all do.

Lindsey walks into Angel HQ.  He wants out of Wolfram & Hart apparently.  I’ll not believe that when it doesn’t happen.

I can’t figure out if this kid-killing is actually supposed to happen, or if the boss man made it up to test Lindsey’s allegiance.  And I enjoy this confusion.  Being stupid has its advantages.

This sets up some redemption for Lindsey, but if it goes as far as making him a hero I’ll be miffed.  As well as it being cheesy, he’s too good as an evil to be wasted with heroism.

Lindsey and Angel plan to get in to W&H to steal details of the child killing.  They need one more person.  Here comes Gunn.  I love team-ups.  When Alias did such an episode, including Richard Roundtree saying “Somebody’s putting the band back together”, I made a little joy-pee.

A slight dip in concentration, as I eat some soup and notice that my telly is dusty.  The soup is lentil, the TV, neglected.

Angel is wearing goggles, this must be a good episode.

“Evil white folks really do have a mecca” – Gunn.  This might be the best line of the entire season.

How do we know that things are getting dramatilicious?  We get a Dutch angle on Lindsey as he enters W & H.

Angel is in there too.  He’s in The Secret Room of Valuable Artifacts, looking for plans on the child-murdering.  A scroll catches his attention and some intrigue music plays.  He takes the scroll.  I still don’t know if W & H set all this up.  An alarm sounds and, as a door closes, Angel slides underneath, Indiana-style.  A few episodes ago he gave his name as “Angel Jones”.  Clearly that was a reference to his Temple of Doom-style antics in this episode, and definitely not a coincidence.  Definitely.

As Lindsey tries to leave the building, his boss turns up and breaks out the mind-readers.  I guess Lindsey was genuine after all.  And now he’s in some trouble.

The woman and the nerdy guy who we always see from W & H are also in a line-up awaiting mind-reading.  It’s asking for a twist.  Someone is going down.

It’s her.

Okay it’s him.  Not Lindsey, the other guy.  The geek does down.  Lindsey’s got blood all over his coupon.

Back at Angel HQ,  Cordelia tries to open the files giving the whereabouts of the kid targets (they’re going to be killed by the blind lady, in case you forgot because you’re heartless).  Amazingly enough, they’re encrypted.  While she is confused as women are prone to be, Wes finds the scroll.  Angel isn’t quite sure why he took it, just that he was attracted to it.

The kid files (not that kind) are on a Zip disk.  They’re a new technology, you probably haven’t heard of them.  These disks can store 100 or even 250Mb of data.  That’s progress.

Cordelia needs help cracking the files.  If only she knew a ginger lesbian that’s good with these things.  A quick phone call to Willow and she’s in (so to speak).

Lindsey gets a stern talking to from his boss, who says “You don’t know where you belong”.  I briefly think that Lindsey is getting sent to an alternate dimension.  I feel stupid when this is clearly not the case.  Then I think that perhaps he’s going to get cursed, in a similar way that Angel was.  I may be losing my mind.  He is allowed to leave.

Angel and Lindsey go to save the kids.  The blind lass turns up and they fight her.  Angel realises that she senses movement.  This doesn’t make sense, as earlier she saw the kids when they were still.  It seemed far more like heat recognition.  Maybe Angel only generates heat when he’s mobile, or maybe I’m just being an apologist.  Angel mocks every blind person who ever lived by standing really still, then knocking that bitch out when she got close.  I’m amazed she didn’t smell his aftershave.

Back at the HQ, Wes looks grim, despite the lack of child-murder.  He’s translated the scroll, and apparently it’s a prophecy.  And Angel is in it.  Well, not by name, but it mentions a vampire with a soul.  We don’t find out much more about it.  This would still make sense as part of an awesome W & H set-up, but I think it may be genuine.

Lindsey returns to Wolfram and gives them their files back.  He’s relatively safe, having copied the files.  He meets with the boss, who I expect to turn into a demon.  He doesn’t.  I am sad.  Boss makes oh so many mentions to moving “Upstairs” that I expect further explanation.  I receive none.  He offers Lindsey his old post, a big old office and tons of power.  Lindsey stretches out in the office, and that’s the last we see of him.  The shit.

And we’re done.  A good episode.  Lindsey’s change of heart never felt that believable, and him then being swayed back by a promotion seemed a bit false.  Still, good work, the writer’s filled out Lindsey’s character nicely.  I’ll assume he’ll become more important soon.

We now know (or at least suspect) that Angel is even more important, and this prophecy (if true) might be a world-changing event.  Though I think Buffy was involved in a least one prophecy.  I’m going to try and ignore that, and experience Angel in a vacuum (so to speak), only opening my brain-meat up to Buffy (so to speak) when there’s a direct crossover.  Lindsey becoming a more powerful bastard – good, Angel becoming less local – good.  We inch ever closer to the end of the season, onwards!


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