Dream 04/03/11

I was in some country in the Middle East.  I alternated between being me and being a middle-eastern boy.  The Oscars were being given out just below the stairwell I was on.  To make a bit of cash, I sold bootleg Oscar merchandise.  Mainly masks of the big stars.  People kept trying to steal them.

One guy said he was “really miffed that I brought death to the country”.  Presumably this was when I was me and not the native child.  I don’t know what I did but I knew he had a right to be annoyed.

At some point I was chasing a black Marine.  I chased him down a street.  Then he chased me into a shop.  I tried to hide my masks in there.  I don’t know why.

I was in a school too.  Me and some others had to take books into the library.  Each librarian had their own section, which were in alphabetical order by the librarian’s surnames.  I had to go down to B, which was down about 40 flights of stairs.


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