Where Ravens Dwell


There is no way back now.  It is eerie here.  The buildings loom ominously.  This town was destined to end up this way.  And I, fated to cross it.

A voice booms across the rooftops, laughing.  These buildings seem abandoned, but I know that they won’t be, for that is not my story.

Patches of fire still burn in the streets, remnants of the invasion.  Containers lay open, abandoned by their payload, which long ago moved on to seek nourishment.  Somewhere, these beasts have fed.  They await me.

I begin my journey slowly and cautiously.  I peek around every corner.  My fingers pull me back from a blind turn.  I wait and listen.  When it is silent, I edge around.

A creature is on me!  I retreat.  I remember the pole and I swing away.  My past comes flooding back to me.  Or at least, some of it.  A red mist descends.  Two swings land.  I evade the monster’s retaliation.  I land more blows, and it is dead.  I have survived.  But this beast is but one of a number.

I move on.  Someone has set traps for these things.  They have spotted me.  I activate a trap and two more fall.  Buoyed with confidence, I attract the attention of more, so I can run them into the traps.  I may be one man, low on ammo, and of ill-health, but I am clever and I am educated.  Brains will get me through this place, or nothing will.




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