The town

I came into town from the south today, over the Clyde.  It was quiet until I hit Argyle St, then boom!  Population explosion.  It was like a god opened a big can of people and emptied it right in front of me.  The crowds force me into the pub, where I read and write stuff down, because I’m not smart enough to hold ideas in my brain.

I brave the shops.  Cash Converters is the kind of horrible that you’d expect from a pawn shop.  A place filled with stuff that people were too poor to keep, and things stolen and sold by junkies.  But I would still buy from it and not feel guilty.  Because that’s how I roll.  Some jakies are in, trying to pawn somebody’s stuff.  The shop assistant is probably the right kind of person to deal with them, as she is also a bam.  She tells a customer that she would get her “baws chewed” if she did whatever he was asking.  I wonder if that phrase is in her training manual.

I’m intrigued by why mundane things are interesting to some people.  Years ago, in Argyle St, I was amazed to see an entire family stand and watch a worker drill a hole in the ground.  Kids and parents, gathering together, to watch a hole made bigger and bigger.  Is this the equivalent of the circus for stupid people?  The reason that I thought of this tonight, is that I got caught up in a bit of a crowd today.  I couldn’t quite understand why these people had amassed at this one particular spot.  Then I saw what they were watching.  It was a dog, trying to eat an Argos catalogue.  This is the kind of thing that draws a crowd in Glasgow city centre.




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