This morning


I’ve been nursing a sore throat.  That’s all it’s been, a slight croaky, scratchy annoyance.  Besides that I’ve been fine.  When I woke up this morning I was still okay.  Got ready, got the train, usual Friday morning.  But when I got off of the train and started walking to work, I went a bit mental.

All of a sudden I felt like I was in a dream, or I was really drunk.  I was numb, yet seeing everything in great detail.  My legs were moving, but at a tempo decidedly different than my torso.  My legs trailed behind, ran ahead, never actually matching the speed of the non-leg parts.  It was un-synced.  Like an iPod, there was a need to reset me, or throw me in a drawer and forget me.  “Surely this is a side effect of the medication for my sore throat,” I thought, “that’s all it’ll be…wait, I didn’t take any medication for it”.

In a moment straight from Hollywood, I touched a hedge to see if I could actually feel.  I could.  This was a positive.  I considered that this may be a very accurate and complex simulation, like The Matrix.  I walked on and felt no different.  As I neared my office, I became apprehensive about having to work in this condition.  Was this trepidation a good sign, that I was thinking rationally again?  Or a bad omen, knowing that I still had not re-adjusted to normal human life?

I set my brain a test.  As I stood in a car park, I considered whether or not it would be acceptable to take all of my clothes off.  This seemed reasonable.  I asked myself if I would jump from a high building.  That would be rational, the brain responded.  I was doomed.  I was trapped with a brain that could not grasp the basic tenets of social conduct and not making yourself dead.

I had watched Source Code the day before.  Was this the fall-out from it?  Was I subconsciously dwelling on the nature of reality?  Is this the real world?  Is right now a simulation, imaginary, only one of a multiverse?  Does this street exist in other dimensions?  Do I?  Can I travel between them, or am I blocked out by an alternate me in a similar place?  Is alt-me further up the road in that universe, taller, less confused, and undoubtedly less handsome?

Either the effects started to wear off, or the increased traffic brought me around.  Now walking along a main road, I started to concentrate on the people and cars around me.  I reached my office fully-clothed and definitely not dead.  The madness has mostly worn off, seven hours later.  I don’t think I want it to return.




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