The Event – You Bury Other Things Too

An annoying episode with some dodgy writing.  The Event got silly quite quickly.  Martinez and Sterling suspect Simon of being a sleeper (as the aliens will be called now).  He moves to a quiet part of the White House to phone Sophia, while the other two watch him on CCTV and monitor his calls.  He goes into an empty office, and somehow there’s a mobile phone hidden there.  The phone rings and an unknown source warns Simon that he’s being monitored.  So what does he do, bearing in mind he is inside one of the most secure buildings in the world?  He walks out.  Guards follow him, but the phone voice tells him how to avoid them, and how to hide from the security cameras.  He walks out onto a loading dock, utterly untouched, without seeing another soul, and gets out onto the street.  A lot of guff.  Right out of the White House with no security measures or anything. 

Sophia, Michael, Layla, and the rest of the stupid bus scene survivors from last week are now in a gated community.  We don’t know where they were teleported too, but it can be far from Washington, seeing as Simon turns up, soon after leaving the White House.  More signature clunky dialogue ensues as Sophia tells the other sleepers that she will continue Thomas’ plan to bring their people to Earth.  After the murder of her people in the last episode, she’s now willing to do whatever it takes to ensure her people survive.  She’s had enough, echoing Martinez’s sentiments from last week.  With 2 billion people on her planet, she’s going to have to make room here, one way or the other.

Simon can’t accept this “genocide”, and goes to Michael, with a plan to escape the community and…do something or other.  I don’t think it was ever explained.  Michael backstabs him, and he’s taken away to be badly treated.  Layla heads out to check out her new home, and a strangely dusty-looking black man says that he’s been told to keep an eye on her.

Back to the bland.  Sean and Vicky make their move to find Dempsey.  They’ve been backstabbed also.  I don’t care if that’s not a word.  Vicky, the former CIA operative, gets captured, but Sean the hacker escapes, outrunning a car.

The 24 influence soon becomes obvious.  A distinctive feature of the show was its complete lust for torture.  Sean tortures the French stereotype man, as he sent them into Dempsey’s sweaty grasp.  Sean doesn’t enjoy it, dry-vomiting a few times, although the acting is ropey so nobody cares.

Again, the episode highlights revolve around Dempsey.  Now he’s got a parchment from the dig and is translating it in slow and mysterious fashion.  Captured Vicky is brought to him, basically for him to sound off to.  And he throws us all a curveball.  He claims to be a sentinel, a guardian, and his purpose is to protect Earth from aliens.  He’s still very intrigued by Sean, and thinks that they might have a lot in common, though it’s never explicitly stated what that may be.  And just when it briefly seems like Dempsey might be a good man, he instructs for Vicky to be killed.  He goes back to his strange little board, with the pieces that represent people.  He throws one, presumably representing Vicky, into the fire.  Fini.

So an episode with some stupid moments.  The writers continue to treat us like we’re soft in the head.  Characters remind us, again and again, of their intentions.  Maybe we had forgotten, had nipped out to the toilet, or just didn’t watch last week.  They continually spell out any concept that we may be too dull to understand.  There’s no space for subtlety when it comes to The Event.  However, at least the plot is moving forward.  Dempsey threw an unexpected twist in, making the remainder of the season more engaging.  Sean may be uninteresting, but his character arc continues, as it becomes more and more violent.  And the potential for him to be much more than we first assumed is a plus for the show.

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