The Event – Cut Off the Head

In previous reviews of episodes of The Event, I’ve regularly used words like ‘hammer’ and ‘clatter’.  Nothing is subtle in The Event, but not in a good, extreme, hard-hitting way.  Messages are forced down your throat, as if the writers don’t think we’re smart enough to comprehend the tale they’re weaving.  Forgoing a cold opening is generally a good thing, but The Event instead works its catch-up moments into normal dialogue, which creates awkward moments and adds more clunky dialogue.  These are akin to ‘golden age’ Marvel comics with exposition forced bluntly into a scene, “So, Sean, the last time we met you’ll remember that I was going to kill you before I was hit with a crowbar swung by Vicky who’s also in love with you (see episode 16)”.Sean’s scene with Dempsey illustrated these moments well.  Dempsey, of course, did have to explain that he was a sentinel to Sean, though we found out last week.  But the way it was worded and handled made it seem like it was a refresher for us.  It was also Hal Holbrook’s weakest moment of the series, an uninspired and by-the-numbers scene.  It would be unsurprising to find out that Holbrook wasn’t happy with finishing his run on The Event this way (his character committed suicide), as his acting was much poorer than any of his other moments on the show.

Killing off an important, interesting character in a show is a bold and admirable move, but Dempsey was the best thing about a show without a lot of positives.  It’s hard to properly comment on without knowing what occurred behind the scenes, but his death negatively affects the show.  Martinez is cheesy, Sterling is underutilised, the more Sophia tries to be ruthless the less realistic she seems.

And still, into the last few weeks of The Event, I’m still watching.  Not quite enjoying, but still here.  Promise shines through, but so does the shows disregard for its audience.  Plot points will show up all over the show, some dialogue will do nothing but remind you of something from last week, yet still I sit and watch.


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