The Event – Strain

This week’s episode falls into the usual rut, with dialogue made of pure and unashamed exposition.  Even with a ‘previously on’, The Event still feels the need to go on about the plan to wipe out most of humanity, it’s the only way for the aliens to survive, secret plan in Russia blah blah yada yackety smackety.  In the previous episode, the name Irena something-or-other was mentioned so many times I thought it was my name by the time I went to bed.  This week the name ingrained is Murmansk, the area of Russia where the crafty visitors are up to evil deeds.  “Murmansk” probably makes up about 40% of the dialogue.  With a little bit of copy and paste, the scriptwriters must have rattled through writing this episode.  I did imagine Murmansk as being a place where Mermen live and love.  I was sadly disappointed.

Seantinel (yeah, I went there) and Vicky head to Russia.  From France.  On a train.  And get there really quickly.  Funnily enough they’re going to MURMANSK.  Don’t know why, someone must’ve mentioned it.

Previously on The Event: the visitors pulled a frozen body from the ice.  In Murmansk.  Mysterious.  What could this body represent?  A previous visitor?  The alien equivalent of a sentinel?  Back to this week: we find out.  It’s the body of a victim of Spanish flu.  And suddenly I’ve lost interest.  The scenes with the body, of an autopsy being carried out were well done.  It was tense and involving, I expected the corpse to move at any point.  Yet, soon as the great reveal came, I was bored.  How would I have felt if there had been an extra-terrestrial twist, if it had been an alien sentinel?  I don’t know.  I would likely have criticised the show for making little or no mention of this before last week.  Which means I wouldn’t be happy with anything.  Which means I’m only watching The Event to make fun of it.  Which means I’m sad.

In my defence, these scenes were bland and emotionless.  The direction was pedestrian and uninspired, so maybe the delivery of this plot point was responsible for my disinterest, rather than the reveal itself.  See, it’s all their fault, not mine.  Those scoundrels.

Now that it’s highly probable that Sean is a sentinel (see my hilarious moment when I called him ‘Seantinel’ earlier), I wonder what that means about his abilities.  He beat down a guy twice his size a few weeks ago to highlight his uncanny strength.  We know he’s good with computers.  So is he just generally capable?  Seeing as Dempsey capped himself last week, sentinels certainly aren’t immortal.  Unless Dempsey was just a crazy old man.  Which would be brilliant, though sadly unlikely.

The current storyline of the attempt on the President’s life isn’t bad, but is so visually unappealing.  Whether you find it dramatic or not, it remains that we were supposed to be moved by a close-up of a sweetener packet last week.  This week, the imagery is of some cleaners removing stains from a carpet, and a dirty sleeve.  Say what you will about the madness of Lost, but at least it was visually interesting.

Sophia remains stuck in Dr Evil mode.  Ever since Thomas died she’s been much less watchable.  End.


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