The Event – Us and Them

Nearing the end now.  It feels like The Event has been running forever.  I was there at the beginning, 66 years ago, when the visitors first landed.  And I’m still here, waiting, watching the magic box in my living room to see what they’re going to do.

You may never believe this, but I’m no expert on Spanish flu.  So I may be wrong, but it seemed a mite unrealistic that it would kill people so quickly.  Though we were never given much of a timeline last week, it seemed like the flu victims died within hours.  Although Sean and Vicky also seemed to get from France to Russia very quickly in that very same episode, so time is hard to judge.  Maybe the aliens are distorting our perceptions of time.  Shut up.

At least Michael’s dead (spoilers).  His over-the-top attempts at intensity became grating as his role increased.  Layla’s acting isn’t great (maybe it runs in the family) but not as bad as daddy’s.  He deserved to die.  The show has been dragging on for so long that I couldn’t remember where Michael’s other daughter was.  Apparently she was left behind (and subsequently forgotten) when the visitors all met up at the church a hundred episodes ago.

The one reasonably good moment involving Michael was Sophia commanding him to kill Simon.  She was testing his dedication to the cause and loyalty to her.  He failed, of course, and tried to escape.  And then snuffed it.

Simon, Layla and Michael’s escape attempt through the woods would’ve been better if it hadn’t ended with Simon scaling a seven-foot fence.  Is that the best security the visitors can come up with?  You can’t get in or out of here (if you are a midget or small child).

Speaking of the aliens’ community, where exactly is it?  Maybe the show is deliberately not saying, but it can’t be far from Washington, given how quickly Simon got to it from The White House.  Unless there’s time distortion again.  Simon did drive fast enough to keep up with a plane in the opening episode admittedly, so he must be really quick.

Sterling is probably the most interesting character in The Event, but that’s not saying much.  Zeljko Ivanek seems to think that whispering passes for the portrayal of a tough guy.  There’s a half dozen characters in the first season of, say, The West Wing or Lost, who are better fleshed-out than anyone here.  I could imagine, if I was a bit crazy, what John Locke or Toby Ziegler was doing when off-screen.  What would be President Martinez be up to?  Being folded up and placed in a box while he waits for his next scene, I would imagine.  I still can’t figure out if it’s the writing or the casting that’s more responsible for these two-dimensional characters.

Thinking about next week, and what Simon will say to The White House people when he arrives with the antidote for Martinez.  I predict that he arrives and people are understandably cynical of his story.  But after some intense staring, dramatic music, and his insistence that “we don’t have time for this”, someone will take and administer it.  No sample of the antidote will be taken, in case this happens again.  Vice-President-President Jarvis will give the order to use it, or even inject Martinez himself.  After the way he was treated by Sophia regarding the plane escort, he’ll realise the mistake he made taking her side.  He’ll want to atone for his actions, and consequences be damned.  Or not.

If there is any scientific analysis of the antidote, I wonder what it’ll be, given that there was an unidentifiable substance in the poison.  Does that mean there will be something mysterious in it too.  Do two Substance Xs cancel each other out?  Or will a simply concoction of Red Bull and fish oil be all Martinez needs?


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