The Event – One Will Live, One Will Die

Once again we trundle through an episode of The Event, where potentially entertaining moments are ruined through dispassionate execution.

Did any of the remaining viewers think that Sterling and Simon would die in that explosion?  I entertained the slight notion that they would be captured by the special forces team, but even then I was fairly sure that they would soon escape.  But to both die that way, so close to their goal?  Never.  It’s one thing to kill off Thomas, with people left to continue his work.  It would be quite another to have those two perish, which would also seal Martinez’s fate.

The Event’s visual style has changed recently, with more camera movement and different angles.  This new approach incorporated drawn out close-ups of Jarvis under pressure, but his acting wasn’t strong enough to lend these shots any weight.  He stares into space, only now understanding the potential ramifications of his actions (which we understood ages ago).  Overly-dramatic music surrounds him as he tries to look stunned, and the whole thing is just ridiculous and hammy.  He’s the most powerful man in the world, and he can’t see two steps down the line?  I saw it coming, and my mind barely works anymore.

Sean and Vicky continue their globe-spanning chase, which now has them at an American shopping mall.  The camera roamed around trying to milk the scene for drama as they attempt to stop Spanish flu being released through the mall’s air conditioning.  Sadly, I’m now bored as soon as I see Sean’s face.  He did, however, take a novel approach to defusing a time bomb/device, by shooting it to bits.  I’ve never seen that before, so good on The Event for it.

Another plus point was the release of the virus on a bus, after the mall was evacuated.  After Sean stopped the initial release, some attractive bint unleashed some on a bus full of people, then brought the bus to the visitors base so they could examine the corpses.  We saw her open a bag, then we saw the bus reach the aliens’ base.  So what happened in between?  She drove a bus, full of people in various stages of agonising death, through a city?  Wouldn’t that attract some attention?  She couldn’t wait for them to die outside the mall, what with all the people, and presumably the emergency services on their way.  Maybe the mall was outside of the city, and she had a nice, quiet drive to the base.

When Sophia realised that Simon had done the off with the antidote, she didn’t bother to try and follow him, because he’s trained in stealth and undercover work.  In most cases that holds water.  In the case though, Simon is racing against the clock to get to the hospital to save Martinez.  So he’s basically on a straight line journey, and they know his destination.  You think they would at least make a bit of an effort.  The visitor’s doctor (who might be called Dr Liu) is deliberately portrayed as ambiguous in her intentions, much like Peel was*.  She said that Simon had stolen the antidote from her lab, while I was under the impression that she had given him it.  How would he even recognise it to steal it?  Did it have a label saying ‘antidote’ on it?  There’s lots of things about The Event I don’t yet understand, which is commendable.  I just don’t have the motivation to try and figure it out.  I don’t want to make a Lost comparison, but I geeked out over the unanswered points of that show so much; I scribbled (all incorrect) theories in notebooks, I was all over the forums, intently listening to the podcasts.  With The Event, the only thinking I do about it is here, typing this, and then it’s forgotten.

I want to be more positive about the show but it disappoints me so frequently.  So much of it, on paper, sounds like a great idea for a show.  Yet it’s a show of badly realised characters, nonsensical moments, and basic dialogue that does nothing except push the plot.

*I still think we’ve yet to discover something about Peel.  I just wanted to use an asterisk

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