Rubicon – Episode 8

– Atlas McDowell
– Donald Bloom
– Edward Roy

An episode that took a little longer to reach the awesome of others, but it got there eventually. Rubicon seemed visually different this week, much lighter and less cinematic. Lighter in tone too, at least briefly, as incredibly both Will and whatever his secretary was called, smiled. Perhaps this lighter look to the API office was to help contrast the dark element of this episode – the torture plot. I neglect to call this a ‘side-plot’, as it was the main narrative. Rubicon has shown the work of the other analysts as an aside to Will’s main story, but, in this episode, two of them were at the forefront. This may very well be a case of the show ‘spinning its wheels’, but when it’s this well done I don’t care.

There was also the strongest connection yet between API and the Widow Rhumour. Her late-husband’s friend in the same room with Spangler, and mention that said husband affected “operational integrity”? Yum.

As this post makes obvious, I’m not good with names. So when Ed was given the list with the name ‘Edward’ on it, I thought they were the same person. Now I know that’s not true, but I still don’t know who Edward Roy is. At least I know that Bloom is Isiah Whitlock Jr. Presumably Roy is the guy we saw with Bloom a number of times. Who was the same man that Ingram had dinner with? Damn my lack of memory. I must be trained on boxsets, and not used to weeks between character appearances.


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