Brief and stupid Thor review

So this dude from Home & Away falls out of the sky and Natalie Portman’s like “Whoa!”. She thinks he might be a dangerous psycho (the worst form of psycho). Then she notices his biceps and doesn’t care anymore. We know, of course, that he’s not a crazy fella, but a prince from another realm. We’ve seen him up there, with his big hammer and fancy armour, running about on a Mario Kart bridge looking for a fight.

Thor started a war with giants made of frost (cleverly named The Frost Giants). His dad, Odin, is miffed at this. He did what any irate dad would do, and banished Thor. Odin sent him to the Norse version of hell: America. Thor wanders this wretched place searching for his trusty hammer. Portman tags along, all the while humping his leg. Meanwhile, back home, his brother Loki is causing all kinds of mischief. Soon Thor realises that he’s got to get home and put the smack down.

Thor is a surprisingly good film. Superhero films are fragile beasts, precariously balanced to easily fall in any number of ways. Boring action scenes, badly-handled humour, unintentional comedy, they all wait for the careless director to slip up . But director Kenneth Branagh (yes, that one) balances all these plates and keeps them spinning nicely. The film goes from grand action scenes in fantasy worlds to quiet moments in American diners. Yet, at no point does it falter.

Thor an enjoyable blockbuster, check it out. A well deserved Thor out of five stars.


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