Heat vs Bulls

It might have been weeks ago, but Chicago/Miami Game 5 is still stuck in my mind.  The Heat went on an 18-3 run over the last 3 minutes to win the game by 3 points, eliminating the Bulls from the playoffs 4-1.  And while critics put Miami’s comeback down to their determination and focus, I think that something else came into play – calmness.

Miami were up 3-1 in the series.  They had three chances to win the series, with the next being back in Miami.  Losing by 15 with the game winding down, the Heat needed baskets.  The only way they could win this game was to start firing quickly, and from distance.  And even if they missed and lost, two more opportunities awaited them.  So Lebron and Wade collectively said “Fuck it”.  James launched some questionable shots.  Wade, not a strong outside shooter, somehow pulled off a four-point play.  Lebron hit another tough pull-up.  With the weight lifted from their shoulders, knowing that Chicago were in a do-or-die game, but they were in a do-or-try-again-later game, Miami relaxed and took down the Bulls.


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