Rubicon – Episode 10

Rubicon made me look like a fool this week.  After last week’s episode I stated very publicly (not really, nobody reads this) that I expected to see very little of Tanya or Maggie again.  Then both had the audacity to show up and put in heavy minutes, mocking me incessantly.

Donald Bloom’s visit to Katherine was full-on, aggressive, and so unlike any other scene in Rubicon.  The previous ‘bench’ scene, with Will and Katherine chatting it up, was very Rubiconesque: a beautifully-shot scene, played slow and gentle.  Then as soon as we come back to the same spot, Bloom appears, spraying his vicious urine all over the widow’s face.  From all the subtlety and vague hints from many characters throughout the show, then someone to come in and be so overtly bad, revelling in their intimidation, it was massively effective.

Is Maggie just being used now to show Ingram’s good side?  It is good to see her still have a place in the show, but she was too much on the periphery, even when working for Will, to do much else now.  The scenes with her look to be nice character moments (for both her and Kale) but surely can’t add much else, can they?

Tanya’s look of dismay when discovering her new job was played very well.  Those big bug-eyes of hers expanding was an accurate portrayal of smart people realising how beneath them a job will be.  Tanya embodies all the people who are angry at the way life sometimes is, and her response here was dead on.  I thought her new partner’s comments about how ‘she didn’t go to college, was lucky to get this job’ might’ve been a comment on people’s low expectations for their work, but actually came off snobby and elitist.  I couldn’t figure out if that was a social comment by the writers, or just arrogance.

The episode also highlighted Will’s growing paranoia, particularly involving Debbie (I think that’s her name).  It did, however, also show Ingram’s realisation that his house is bugged.  So Will’s worry is well-founded.

Atlas McDowell becomes more and more interesting.  And the further I get away from Will’s detective work entailing speaking to a receptionist, the happier I am.

This episode also made me realise that I could watch an entire episode of Dallas Roberts running around API, his physical awkwardness rivalling Spangler’s verbal eccentricities for most humourous moments of the show.

And what to come now?  Three episodes left.  Katherine and Will finally get to share information, and she’s presumably cut off by Bloom.  If the photo she sent to Travers really was her last contact with him, will she have any further role in uncovering the Atlas McDowell plot?  In all mysteries, someone doesn’t get to see the final reveal, the man behind the curtain.  Will it be she, despite what happened to her husband?  She might have more reason than anyone to find out more, but she doesn’t have the tools.  And does she have the courage and the energy necessary to see this through to the end?  Will is the hero of the show?  He will get a satisfactory answer for us?  Won’t he?


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