Random thought on The Event

In some episode or other, 400 months ago, whispery Blake Sterling arrived at Inostranka, where the aliens were being held.  Some other aliens break in to free the rest.  Blah blah blah, things happen, and it ends up Blake and some little soldier fella trapped in the prison with few weapons, attempting to hide from heavily-armed-alien-solder-mofos.  Sterling’s locked the place down.  The only way the visitors can get out is if Sterling gives up access codes.  Stop right here.

Now, as a dude with some ops experience like Sterling would know, a situation like this would be requiring stealth.  A big building, two chaps in hiding, this would be the perfect opportunity for some Splinter Cell-type moves.  The Event would’ve benefited by having some fun here.  Sterling and soldier take to the vents and tunnels, Newt-from-Aliens style (if Newt was a Slovenian man in his fifties).  Creeping about, sneaking past soldiers, maybe even the occasional stealth-kill.  The two of them setting up misdirection and traps for the aliens.  These would all have been cool things.  But instead, what do we get?  Sterling is free for two minutes, then captured and unsurprisingly tortured (a staple of The Event)


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