Rubicon – Episode 11

Another week, another great Rubicon episode.

Did we just finally get answers to the questions posed in episode 1?  Namely, why did Tom kill himself, and what’s the deal with all these shadowy businessmen?  .

Will now knows that these men profit from disaster.  He also suspects that they were the ones who engineered these disasters for financial gain.  Henceforth, I will refer to them as the Disaster Profiteers, or Profiteers.  Tom Rhumor was a Profiteer.  Will believes that Tom killed himself because he couldn’t bear the guilt of murder for profit.Meanwhile, in API, the search for Khateb has become more interesting, and possibly relevant to the Profiteer plot.  I’ve never focused much on this element of the show, caring more about the relationship between the API analysts that the Khateb investigation allows.  And it is such a watchable relationship, especially now that Tanya has returned to the fold.

Khateb and other Rubicon plot elements seemed unrelated in previous episodes, despite what you’d expect from this kind of show.  But with the Profiteers revealed, and Khateb exposed as American, they could be very tightly linked.  A few people on API’s radar were found dead two episodes ago.  Is Khateb the last name on the hit list?  Is API about to reveal his whereabouts, not to a government source, but to a deadly private group willing to kill to serve their interests?

And what will happen in API now?  Surely Will wouldn’t return to work after the attempted hit?  He’s not the type of chap to swan back into his office as if nothing happened, daring Spangler to call his bluff.  He might be bold, but he’s an office guy, an analyst, not some fearless and unemotional field agent.  He surely must suspect Spangler of being behind the hit?  He saw Bloom with Ingram, but he still called Kale for help, so he must trust him somewhat.

Despite all this, I think it’s a safe bet that he’ll be in back in API next week.  With two episodes to go, it seems unlikely that the analysis team will get a new leader, as much as Spangler is bigging up Grant’s chances of promotion.  I don’t see Maggie returning to the department, then not having any in-office scenes with Will.

Meanwhile,…somewhere else in API (when was the last time we saw Ingram’s office?), Kale continues to be mysterious, when you consider his series arc.  He’s been a good guy for the last few episodes; getting rid of Maggie’s baby-daddy, helping Will with Blooms’s body.  But what is his endgame?  This is where watching a show on broadcast schedule lets me down, I can’t fully remember Ingram’s origin.  But, if memory serves, he encouraged Will to follow David’s clues and (seemingly indirectly) to investigate Spangler.  Truxton doesn’t trust him, if he trusts anyone.  Why?  Is Ingram gunning for Spangler’s job?  Exposing a massive conspiracy to do so seems like a lot of work.  But then, how much does Ingram know about Spangler?  Does he know about Spangler’s deeds, but wants to make Will seem responsible for finding out?  Or has Will gotten far more information than Kale expected?  If the Profiteers go down due to Will’s work, then he and Kale are essentially heroes.  But I don’t see heroism as Ingram’s motivation, despite his military background.

Last episode I mentioned the ‘bench intimidation’ scene, and how well it worked, contrasting greatly with the understated rest of the show.  This week, the attempted hit on Will was a jarring action scene in a show that has had few.  It felt like a conventional action show, but something like this was bound to happen.  It was well-played too.  The thing I found odd, not being a hitman myself, was how much drug paraphernalia was laid out before Will came home.  Presumably, laying it out first allows our killer to make a quick exit after the deed.  But I thought that a major benefit of a home kill was the element of surprise.  Isn’t it easy to lose that when the person sees all this weird stuff lying around?

My memory may be failing me again, but I’m unsure of the Roy-Bloom relationship.  Is Roy the one in charge?  Spangler gave Roy the hit order, only for Bloom to *cough* execute it.  And what was the purpose of the car crash that Roy was injured in?  To give Isiah Whitlock Jr a few weeks off?  To suggest that they are in danger too?  I dunno.

On the subject of Edwards, where’s Ed Bankcroft nowadays?  I thought both Tanya and Maggie were due to vanish, and they’re still here, but Ed seems to have  been phased out.  I hope he gets to make one more appearance, even if just to give him closure on David’s murder.

Credit where it’s due to Zack Whedon.  He’s been handling all the threads of this show brilliantly.  His writing has brought every character in the show to life.  Big up.

With, depressingly, a mere two episodes to go, I should really be making a prediction on how it’ll all end.  Yet, I’ve got little idea.  Something surely has to happen to the Profiteers.  It would be too depressing for all Will and Katherine’s work to be for nought.  After amassing some more evidence, Will will get it to someone important who can do something about it.  And then die.


Yeah, I said it, I think Will’s for the heap.  It makes little sense, but I don’t care.  I don’t know if the creators knew they weren’t getting a second series before they finished.  If they thought there was the chance of another season, it makes zero sense to kill Will off.  I don’t care.


Enough blabbery, prediction – Will will expose the Profiteers, disbanding the group.  Some will, however, continue their shadowy work.  Spangler will get fired (although we don’t know who’s in charge at API).  There will be some twist involving Ingram, perhaps he’ll take Spangler’s place.  Will leaves API.  In a The Wire style montage, Grant takes Will’s place, to the discomfort of the other analysts.  Ed finally smiles, reading in a newspaper about the uncovered conspiracy.  Will and Maggie finally get that lunch together.  Roy kills Will.  Fini.

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