Gone Baby Gone – microreview

Spoilers baby spoilers

Gone, is what the cool kids call it.  I call it a very good film; implausible in places, but impressive.  Casey Affleck, much as he did in Jesse James, has moments of sheer emotion that choke me up.  Okay I’m a soft lad, very good.  He has a few bumpy moments in the film, but overall is impressive.  His confrontation with Morgan Freeman brought a lump to my throat.

My suspension of disbelief struggled a few times with the film.  Ed Harris’ involvement in the abduction; Freeman’s belief that he, a high profile figure, could raise a little girl without anyone knowing, these bordered on ridiculous, and stood out in an otherwise grounded film.

I love the look of working-class Boston.  Three years before The Town gave us wonderful visuals of Charleston, Gone Baby Gone showed us the frankly shitty parts of Dorchester.  Beadie Russell from The Wire pulls off fairly well the act of a scumbag drug addict with a missing daughter.  The acting is solid down the line, but Caffleck steals the show.  And that’s all.

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