From 360 to RL

I think I might merge the lines between virtual and not, and align my real and computer game lives.  I’ll go out for dinner to celebrate getting a promotion in LA Noire.  Winning the championship in NBA 2K11 may result in a month’s binge on cocaine and hoes.  Maybe I should try to continue my character’s life as it would be after the end of the game.  I could choose to live in subway tunnels like Lucas Kane from Fahrenheit.  Okay, the real life parts of real life may constrict this, but surely there’s some compromise?  I may be mowing my grass on a Saturday afternoon, but in the style that Marcus Fenix from Gears of War would.  Maybe I’ll sneer at a neighbour.  Or maybe not.  With his black-rimmed specs, my neighbour could very well be Gordon Freeman, and use his gravity gun to damage my garden furniture.

And now I’m imagining a Stella Street situation, where game characters have all retired and live in one estate, recovering from the dramas of their game lives.  It’s best for my brain if I stop right here.


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