Deus Ex and LA Noire

In a recent post here, I mentioned how well a non-linear approach to an LA Noire sequel might work.  I said that you could have the option to kill someone, but if you didn’t, they may turn up later in the game.  I also mentioned that if you respond too violently to cases, your peers will criticise you for it.  Then I made a comparison to the Deus Ex games.  Well in this month’s Wired, there’s a short article on the new Deus Ex game, Human Revolution.  In its brief account of the game, it mentions that if you don’t kill a character, you may see them in prison later.  And if you’re too violent, your peers mock you for it.  Now this may mean one of a number of things:

  1. That I’m incredibly observant of the Deus Ex games, but on a subconscious level.  I already knew of these features, but didn’t know that I knew
  2. The more likely option: The Deus Ex developers read this blog, thought my ideas were absolutely brilliant, went back in time and added them to the game.  Or at least went back far enough in time to lie to Wired about what was in the game, and are now coding frantically to add these elements to the game before it ships.

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