Wednesday night’s dream

I was Superman, or some approximation of him.  I had angered a man by firing him from being my deputy (yes, somehow I was also a sheriff).  Despite this, when his mother called and offered me the chance to have a shower at their family home, I readily accepted.  I was fairly certain that it was a trap, but the offer of a shower was too great to refuse.  I arrived at the house and headed towards the shower (which was actually a cupboard in my old living room in real life).  My former deputy snuck up behind me, but I knew he was there (cos I’m goddam Superman) and knocked him down with an elbow.  I headed in for my shower and was miffed to find that their was an electricity meter in its place (seeing as it’s a cupboard and all).

Then onto a different dream.  I was me again, sadly.  My friend was using a cash machine, which was actually a bin in Partick.  He forgot to lift the rest of his money.  I got it for him, and pocketed it for safe-keeping.  Lots of people looked at me like I was stealing it.  I was annoyed.


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