Minimalist Running part 2

Yesterday was my second bash wearing my fancy new Merrell Trail Gloves.  After a whole 12 minutes in them the first time (such was my fear of pain), I damn near doubled up on my running for 22 big minutes spent.

I still don’t quite understand what to do in them.  Sometime I run with my heel completely raised, sometimes with it grazing the ground, other times with it landing fully.  I understand what the point of the shoe is, but my body hasn’t yet learned how to function properly in them.

For the first half of my journey, on pavement, I felt that the sole was a bit too hard.  By the second half, on stones and gravel, it didn’t seem hard enough.  I knew that the trainer would bring a more natural feel, and thus more feeling in my foot, whether good or bad.  But I wasn’t quite prepared for how sore even small stones could be to your sole.  Wearing these shoes must be good for your reflexes, as I spent most of this time anxiously watching the ground for stones to avoid.  Maybe, hopefully, my soles will toughen up and this will be less of a problem.

Today, my feet and Achilles tendons feel amazing.  My feet feel like big ol’ monkey feet, grabbing onto the ground and the soles of my shoes.  My tendons feel stretched out, but comfortably so.  My calves feel nicely heavy.  I ran sans socks yesterday too, and expected some discomfort from that, most likely from rubbing on the top of my sensitive, soft lad’s feet.  But there seems to be no side effects except from where some hairs got plucked out.  I realise now that sockless running will require short toenails, and there was some uncomfortable bending of nails, though once my form settled that went away.


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