Red Bull

I gave up Red Bull for three weeks you know.  I realised that I was resorting to it too much.  If I was even just a bit tired I’d reach for a can.  Sometimes if I was just thirsty I’d guzzle that shit.  Then recently I noticed that it was having little effect on my energy levels.  All it would do, if I had a few over a couple of days, would make me angry and tense.  Three Red Bulls in three days, say, and a big, black cloud would come…wheeling in.  On its motorbike.

So I nixed that shit.  For three weeks anyway.  And today I celebrated by having one.  A delicious, cold can of caffeiney goodness.  And?  Fifteen minutes after finishing, the cloud of anger and hate came rushing in.  On a speedboat.  One god damn can and I hated everyone around me.  I hated me.  I even hated you.  Especially you.  Shoulders tensed, brow furrowed.  If my eyebrows weren’t so fair, giving me what I call Blankface, people would’ve been like “What’s the matter with your face?”.  And I would’ve bitten a hole in their cheek.

That was it, no discernible increase in energy, just a stinking mood.  The black dog came rolling in, from across the sea, and humped my leg.  Is this what I have to look forward to?  No buzz from energy drinks, no restlessness, just tension and loathing?  Cheers.


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