Torchwood: Miracle Day, Episode 7

I’ll keep this brief. It was absolute rubbish
*publishes post*
While all the flashbacks did serve a purpose, they stank of filler. The episode gave almost no push to the overall story. Jack was put into a car near the start of the episode, and had only just gotten out of it by the end. The only real plot point was that we know who’s behind, or at least knowledgeable of, Miracle Day. And it’s someone we’d never seen before. That doesn’t make for a good hour of TV. Imagine explaining that to someone who missed the episode:

“What happened?”
“Eh, not much. But we did find out who is behind Miracle Day”
“Really, who?”
“Who’s Carlos?
“He’s one of Jack’s former lovers”
“Ooh that Jack. How come I don’t remember this Carlos guy?”
“He wasn’t in it until last night”
“So in the same episode he’s introduced we find out that he’s responsible? That doesn’t sound like well thought out writing”
“Shut up and eat your toast!”

I was so bored by this episode I’m not even completely convinced that Carlos is the right name. The twist at the end, which I may have seen coming if I wasn’t so bored, was interesting, but no ending could be worth that horrible build up. I get it, Jack is gay. I got it before (so to speak) and I get it now. I don’t need it forced down my throat (so to speak). He falls in love with other men, some are ashamed of their sexuality. They die and he doesn’t, he’s sad and he moves on. I get it, please, leave me alone.

The scene where Jack seduces Carlos, telling him what he’d do to the girl across the street, even though both know what’s really gonna happen, that was cringeworthy. Forced and unnatural, I hated it.

The first six episodes of Miracle Day were inconsistent. There were a lot of daft or boring moments, but only episode seven was poor throughout. With only three episodes left for me to watch, my hopes for the show have diminished.


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