Happy New Year

It’s 00:36 right now.  Still is.  Still.  Not now though.

Midnight’s been and gone.  I don’t think I’ve ever been less interested in New Year’s.  I was on this very laptop until just before the bells.  Then stood up, had a kiss and a stupid dance (as is the routine), finished the rest of my beer, and went into the garden to look out for fireworks.  As the common people lit the sky with fireworks that my taxes paid for, I spotted a woman out walking her dog.  What a great way to bring in the new year.  How many people can say they were out, just them and Fido, fireworks popping up on all sides, when the year switched?

What happened in 2011, off the top of my head?  In March we found a house.  In May, we moved into it.  At 32 I became a homeowner for the first time.  How middle-class.  The next few months were mostly concerned with unpacking, settling in, and buying cushions and furniture.  In December I went to New York on holiday.  And there I got engaged.  How mature.  And then the year ran out.

Best year of my life.


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