The Last Day

Today is the last day of my Christmas holidays.  I’ve been off for 2.5 weeks, the longest holiday I’ve ever had while actually having a full-time job.  There’s a little sadness about going back, but not a huge amount.  Not yet at least.  I’ve been floating around in a haze of chocolate, beer, and sleeping-in for long enough.  To restore any sense of routine it’s time to head back.

Being off has been great.  I went to New York, which was amazing.  But the time between coming back on Christmas Day and today has become a vague recollection.  Visiting people and watching TV and eating.  Enjoyable, but not something that could continue unless I wanted to get fatter and lazier and directionless.  It’s time to go back to work so I can take more holidays again.  Work was a mental struggle in January last year.  I don’t expect to get through it without taking a holiday just to break the monotony.  But come it must, so I must accept it.


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