January is a horrid thing.  It’s about returning to work after festive fun and time off. Back to alarm clocks, a harsh reminder of what Glasgow looks like at 7am. The darkness remains, the cold gets colder, and you’ve got to spend all day in an office. Christmas? New Year? Sheeeit, might as well have been last year. What?

February represents escape. It proves that January is not some inescapable vortex or Death Star tractor beam. February is not January.

Today is the first of February, the first non-January day of the year. As I unlock my office front door I normally face into a dark tunnel, before the hallway lights come on. This corridor represents both the void that is working life, and the cold darkness of January. Today some sunlight crept into the hallway, for the first time in months. A little light in the darkness? I’ll take it.


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