2012 Manifesto part 1 (?)

It may already be February, but that won’t stop me making demands on 2012. Which will no doubt go unmet. Shut up.

Certain turns of phrase should die. Lol somehow still exists in its unironic form. There’s just no destroying it. These, however, can still be stopped:

Best. X. Ever: I’m massively sick of this. Otherwise sensible posts ruined by its inclusion. Kill it with fire
Referring to a sports team as ‘us’: That’s just weird. It’s okay to be a fan, just don’t think that you’re part of the team.
Use of open-ended sentences. For example, “but I’ve already done it, so…”. If you can’t finish your own sentence I’ll do it for you. With a bullet.

And more generally:

Turn your phone off: I’ve been a smartphone user for over a year now, and have been struggling with my concentration span for most of that. It’s all too easy to have a quick check of Twitter or Facebook during a dull moment in a film or TV show. But that can soon balloon into complete distraction. Don’t half-ass and just try and ignore it. When it beeps, your mind will go to it, even if you don’t. Turn it off, put it on airplane mode, put it in another room, whatever. Time is nothing without attention, don’t get stuck in-between things.

Take your time: Slow your mind by avoiding the phone. Keep it slow by not rushing.  I refuse to believe that all the people I see racing around have a good reason to do so. Take neds for example. They’re always in a hurry, but have no job or college to go to. Learn to slow down. Walk at a gentle pace. I can make it to the train station in two minutes, but I’m trying to leave early and go the long way. It’s a more peaceful start to the day.




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