The Italian Job

We humanoids are a fickle and forgetful lot. We can be bored by something, but if it ends well we can leave with positive feelings, the dull part easily forgotten.

The Italian Job (the original) isn’t a good film. It is an hour of boredom and failed attempts at humour. But the finale is brilliant. When it finished, the rational part of my mind tried to remind other bits that I’d been bored for so long. They didn’t care, thrilled so by the Minis. To convince a part of me that it was good, all The Italian Job needed was some little cars going fast. Sometimes I hate myself.

I assume that the (literal) cliffhanger ending inspired the final scene of Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. The Italian Job’s ending was apparently used to leave open possibility of a sequel, thought I can’t imagine fans in 1969 demanding one the way Lock, Stock fans did. Sometimes we don’t need closure, like the time when…


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