Completing Batman: Arkham Aslyum

+ Spoiler warning +

A lot of the people who make it to this blog are looking for a guide to completing the last level of Batman: Arkham Asylum.

Hello there.  You want an answer?  I’ll give you an answer.

Are you sure you want it, though?  Wouldn’t you rather figure it out on your own?  You’d get more of a sense of accomplishment without me.  Sure?  Okay then.

Wait, what if what you think is the last level, isn’t?  What if you’re on the second-last level, and I’m about to tell you that you still have further to go once you struggle out of the hole you’re currently in?  Can you handle that, CAN YOU?

Okay, here we go.  The answer is: there is no magic bullet.  Every time the Joker stands on the platform with his back to you, use your bat-hook (or whatever it’s called) to drag him down.  Smack him about the head.  Then fight off his henchmen.  Stop them getting to the weapon drops as much as possible.  Draw the explosive teeth towards you and use them to hurt enemies.  Once the level is clear, drag Joker down again and give him a slap.  Once you’ve dropped him three times, you’re done.  Or are you?  No, you are, congratulations.



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