Tell Me No Lies

A woman forced to bury her child. Alive.
Doors thrown open during mass, and grenades thrown in
A woman shot and killed as she tried to defend her babies. The children also killed.
And all true.

Tell Me No Lies is a collection of investigative journalism. And with the best investigation, it often reveals atrocities than many would rather were kept quiet.  Genocide in Rwanda, murder in Cambodia, the Chatila massacre of the Lebanon war, it’s all here in gory detail. This book reminds you just how horrific, brutal and mindless people can be, yet also how brave others will be in exposing the extent of the horror.

The work here is so horrid that tales of election fraud and government cover-ups pale in comparison. It’s an often relentless and bleak, but powerful and important read. To appreciate investigative journalism and to face man’s capacity for atrocity, Tell Me No Lies is an incredibly worthwhile read.

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