More dreams (hooray for nobody)

My dreams may be getting weirder.

Dream 1

I was skydiving in Nepal.  I landed near a wall and looked to my left to see a chap lying on his stomach.  The wall collapsed, trapping us both.  I awoke 150 years later to find that me and the man had been saved by a robotic supreme-being.  It had an enormous head and glowing green eyes.

I had won the Nepalese lottery (the amount being the $640 million won in the American lottery a few days ago in real-life).  But someone tampered with my ticket and I couldn’t claim.  The only way to get my money was to make a fake ticket, which I could only do in a newsagents.

So I paraglided into a newsagents (in Nepal, shops have no roofs).  But by this time the ticket tamperers were legion and I was again interfered with.  The same thing happened in the next shop.   All the newsagents were in a line running downhill.  So if I failed in one, I’d run out the door and glide into the next.  Again and again.

Dream 2

I was Kiefer Sutherland (probably in his role in his new show, Touch).  A friend was robbing a hotel and asked if I’d like to help.  I was desperate for money, so I did.  In the hotel I found some money stashed in a hall.  Then I spotted the police through the front window.  I ran into the back garden (which was my real-life back garden) to see more police on the other side of the fence.  I had a brainwave: if I lie on the grass with my hood up they won’t see me.  Even in a dream that doesn’t work; they caught me immediately.

I got out on bail, though, and went into town.  The council had softened the ground stones so people could bounce like Mario.  I thoroughly enjoyed this, performing mid-air kicks to take my mind off my legal problems.  I went into a jewellers.  While looking at a jewel-encrusted pistol in a case, a woman beside me banged her daughter’s head off the glass for a laugh, and the glass shattered.  A man ran up, grabbed the pistol inside the case and pointed it at me.  He knew I was a robber and thought I deserved to die.

I didn’t die (I don’t know what happened).  The police immediately dropped their case against me (this man’s gun charge somehow instantly cancelled out my robbery one).   Free, I bounced off down the street to buy some CDs


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