Reggie Miller

As an NBA commentator, Reggie Miller’s lack of analysis amazes me. Miller is an 18-year NBA veteran and one of the greatest players of all time. So when his NBA career ended and he became a commentator he was expected to give a player’s insight into the game. Yet he seems to have forgotten he was ever a player and offers little about the inner workings of professional teams.

Tonight I watched game 2 of the Lakers/Oklahoma City Thunder series. As Steve Blake missed the Lakers last shot, Kobe Bryant and Andrew Bynum stood and watched an Oklahoma player rebound the ball, instead of fouling to try to get the ball back. I wondered Did Kobe and Bynum quit, or did they think there was no time left on the clock? With a second left, Ron Artest had to fight over a screen and chase down Kevin Durant to foul him. I thought Why aren’t the Lakers switching screens in that position? As the Lakers inbounded the ball for a game-winning shot attempt, Ron Artest had to scream repeatedly to Andrew Bynum to tell him where to go. Why didn’t Bynum know what to do if the team just had a timeout? These are all questions that many NBA fans would wonder about. And a half-decent commentator would notice these things, question them, and perhaps speculate on why they happened. But not Reggie. Because he’s rubbish and shouldn’t be on the air.


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