A Touch of Cloth

I managed all of ten minutes of Sky One’s A Touch of Cloth before turning it off. I’d snickered a few times, but the jokes that I didn’t find funny, I hated. Cloth co-writer Charlie Brooker readily admits that due to the sheer amount of jokes per episode there will be many that people dislike. With me, the bad joke:good joke ratio was far too high.

I have no problem with the show’s existence; there are bound to be some viewers to whom its brand of rapid-fire cheesy jokes will appeal. The problem I have is with the people who defend the show with a ‘but you liked Naked Gun, this is the same sort of thing’ line of reasoning. Because to use that as a blanket defence implies at least the following:

  • That the quality of the jokes doesn’t matter — all that does matter is that they come fast and thick. Naked Gun and Cloth are the same because jokes happen frequently
  • That casting doesn’t matter — John Hannah and Suranne Jones are the equivalent of Leslie Nielsen and the Naked Gun supporting cast

Saying that I’ll automatically enjoy Cloth because I enjoyed Naked Gun is akin to saying I’ll like every song with a rap in it because I’m a hip-hop fan. Or I’ll find a wild boar burger delicious because I ate a unicorn once.


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