Stacey answered the phone. Dread weighted the pit of her stomach before she consciously knew why. That voice, that horrible, horrible voice!

“Hello, Stacey”

It was Krueger’s voice. Oh god, she thought, I thought he was dead. But Freddy been dead.

A tongue penetrated the receiver. It flicked down the side of Stacey’s ear. A saliva line stretched and snapped. Stacey had Freddy on her.

The voice laughed and shrieked and goo-gooed. Freddy’s tongue waggled. Stacey scowled. Before she knew what she’d done, she grabbed the tongue and pulled it.

At a payphone outside the Staples Center, Krueger laughed into the mouthpiece. Then his tongue pulled taut through it and he smashed his face against the phone. He stumbled back through the doors. He tripped and fell and banged his head on the kerb and his skull fell apart and he died again.


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