Alternate scene: Jurassic Park

Dr Grant awoke to find a brontosaurus sniffing his shins.

He jumped back, before remembering he was in a tree. He grabbed a branch, which barely stopped his fall. The noise woke the kids.

Grant relaxed. “Don’t worry kids, brontos are herbivore. They don’t eat meat, human or not”. He looked down to see a baby bronto sniffing about around its mother legs.

“Awww”, said female child. Grant leaned over to rub behind the big brontos ear. “She’ll love this, the tart”, he uttered to the children.

Grant slipped off the branch and fell, scattering leaves everywhere. He landed astride the baby bronto, it’s curved back the only thing saving Grant from crushing his balls. The mother didn’t like that. Her face turned furious and she let out a roar that nearly blew the children from the tree.

Grant tried to climb off, but every time he shifted his weight the baby leaned too, as if it was a pony on a beach, used to being ridden every day until it died. The baby started to gallop. Yes, gallop.

Off Grant went on the brontos back, as if riding a missile in Dr Strangelove. The mother bronto roared and watched, but could not turn in time to give chase as Grant and his steed disappeared over a hill.

So she ate the kids instead. That’ll show them.





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