Re-watching Prometheus


Prometheus is much more enjoyable on the second sitting. The key is managing expectations—knowing that some of the questions the film raises won’t be answered because they’re supposed to be mysterious. Understanding that others won’t be answered because, well, the writing isn’t solid. The script is co-written by Damon Lindelof of Lost fame, and there were always sequel expectations within the studio. That formula doesn’t bode well for closure (not disrespect to Lindelof, I remain a huge Lost fan). So knowing that the questions Did that Engineer kill himself? Did he die on Earth? Where’s that ship going? won’t be answered is actually freeing. Unshackled, I sat for two hours and enjoyed myself.

Actual holes in the storytelling are less annoying. I’m not saying Prometheus becomes brilliant on the second showing, just more palatable. That Shaw’s realisation of her alien impregnation is paced all wrong is less irritating. That a zombie dude has his legs folded backwards over his head, then doesn’t doesn’t enrage me now. Well, as much. That two guys can wander an alien environment, never before seen by humans, while wearing cameras, and no one cares enough to watch what they see, well, that still grinds my gears.

Prometheus becomes a simpler movie in this case, I’ve dumbed it down myself to avoid disappointment. It becomes an enjoyable action film, not the broken attempt at intelligent sci-fi I thought it might be on the first go-around.

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