The list of additional features on the Warrior Blu-ray places emphasis on the fact that, in one extra, director Gavin O’Connor and Nick Nolte discuss the film ‘from inside an actual MMA ring’. Thinking I was missing something, I played the video, and there they were—the pair, sitting in folding chairs in the middle of a ring (or an octagon, whatever you want to call it). Why on Earth would I care where they were sitting? If they both threw down and started beating the hell out of each other, then I’m all in. If not? Don’t care where they are.

Then I realised that this idea of apt locations for commentary could be interesting, just not with Warrior. Stick The Descent director Neil Marshall in a cave. Leave him there overnight. See what insight into the film he can give as darkness and creepy things surround him.

“Watch as director Rodrigo Cortés discusses his film Buried from the inside of an airtight coffin”

“Michael Bay gives his thoughts on his Transformers trilogy while creating a steaming pile of shit”

“George Lucas talks Star Wars from the actual spot where Luke was attacked by Sand People (provided by green screen)”

“In this Anniversary Edition DVD, Mark Kermode provides a special commentary on Stalker from the very locations where the film’s stars probably got cancer”


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