Deadwood: Season 2 Finale

After years of trying and failing to watch Deadwood season 2, I’m now two-thirds of the way through, having just watched season two’s finale, which is a masterpiece.

Season two was good, though dragged at many points. Season 1 was markedly better.  But this episode was fantastic, so much story, wonderful dialogue, a cliffhanger, and an unexpected end to one character’s tale.

Molly Parker’s performance as Mrs Garret is a stand out in an episode full of strong acting. There’s palpable discomfort during her wedding vows—tension and nausea visible on her face. She narrates a trip to her late husband’s grave. The dialogue is beautifully written, but still she imbues it with sorrow. Here’s an extract:

“I am afraid. I am so afraid that my life is living me and that it will soon be over and that not a moment of it will be my own”

I’ll take a break from Deadwood before beginning season three. But with the quality of this episode still with me, I shouldn’t wait too long.



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