New Zombies

Zombies are scary, right? But they could be scarier. In Burn Rubber Zombie, my terrifying twist on the genre, the zombie virus mutates. Zombies are made infinitely more frightening by their newfound ability to harness a frightening upgrade:


As the zombie population of Great Britain multiplies, a group of the undead overrun a warehouse in Sussex. There, they discover 100 Segways. Mysteriously, they understand how to use them. Is this a natural mutation of the virus, or a man-made one? (spoilers: it’s a man-made one). How was this mutation created? And dispersed? And by whom? And why?

Terror x 1000: zombies touring the country at seven, even eight miles an hour, stopping only to tear human flesh from bone before zooming off again.

Unstoppable undead horror, coming soon.



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