Link…….and rambling

I’m really struggling for any puns on ‘link’ now.

On Bitmob, I posted about my return to playing GTA IV, a game about which my opinions have changed quite drastically since its 2008 release.

I’m not massively impressed with the article (or how badly formatted it is). I quite like the opening, which is more visual than most of my stuff. The rest is just okay. I started writing it months ago, then I got sidetracked. When the time came to resuscitate it, it was cold, and I failed to breathe life back into it. And I’ve already taken this metaphor too far.

The way the piece ends annoys me. It’s a great example of what’s in my mind and what’s in the text failing to align. Here’s the ending:

At one point in the game, I walked Niko down a dark street. At the middle of the next block I spotted some hookers. I commandeered a car, drove to them and beeped my horn (I’m somewhat ashamed at my eagerness to do this). I received no response. I drove closer and accidentally hit one of the girls with my car. She ran round the car, dragged Niko out and started to punch him. I sat on the couch at home finding this chain of events hilarious. I ran Niko down the street, she gave chase. I waited to let her hit Niko again (I’m kinky that way). I ran off again, and this time spotted a patrol car on the corner. I ran to the police while still being attacked. The coppers jumped out, guns drawn, and arrested my sexy assailant. Niko walked off, I continued to giggle from within the confines of my man-room.

How can you not like a game that allows these kinds of things to happen?

In my mind, this worked well. The article leaves Niko walking off through the darkness, illuminated by the streetlights, ready to continue his journey through the city. Then I realised—none of that is in the article. I was expecting the readers to visualise it, without giving them the tools to do so. At least I’ve now realised where I’ve been at fault. I just hope I remember to do something about it.


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