“I just want an office job”

“Office work will take a piece of your soul. It’ll gradually eat away at your soul until you learn to hide it away during working hours. You’ll become desensitised, cold, devoid of emotion.

“Eventually, that inhumane person you are at work will replace your actual personality. You’ll live out your life like this—with your soul hidden away. You’ll never get too high or too low, you’ll just exist in constant grey, while a small, nagging discontent gnaws at you while you try to damp it down, never allowing it to become large enough for you to have to deal with.

“The worst times in an office are the days when your soul breaks out. You’ve had extended holidays and your world has grown colourful again. In those moments your defences are down, and the grey and mundane of the office slams into your soul.

“The seasons will pass and you’ll become more robotic, an expressionless face lit by neon strip lights and the glow of a monitor. Your soul will retreat further and further.

“One day you’ll realise that years have passed and you haven’t accomplished anything”.

“…Thanks very much”


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