A Successful Friday Night

I bought Halo 4 today, and came home looking forward to playing it, particularly the multiplayer.

Loaded it up. Had to download an update for Xbox Live. Then had to accept new terms and conditions. Restarted the game. Couldn’t even find the multiplayer option.

After a few minutes, realised I’d been logged out. Logged in again.

Downloaded update for the game itself.

Entered long code to activate Xbox Live subscription.

Started multiplayer game. Got booted out just before it started. No explanation given. Tried again. Booted again. Changed game mode. Same again.

Figured there must be a server problem. Halo 4 is a new game, maybe the servers were overloaded with players.

Started single-player campaign. Sat through first intro. Second part started, and the game froze. Restarted. This time skipped the intro and got to the game proper. Ran around a corner. Game froze again. Restarted again, got a bit further, but game froze one more time.

Dug out backup Xbox, which works intermittently. It immediately  gave up, showing the fatal Red Ring of Doom (RROD).

Tried a different game in original Xbox. That froze too. Tried another. Got RROD there too.

So, after buying a £40 game, I spent my Friday night starting dejectedly at two broken Xboxes. Result



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