I’m running out of hard drive space on my laptop. 250GB has mostly been filled with music and photos. This annoyed me. Then I remembered that my first PC had 2.1GB of space.

That, my friend, is progress.

I’ve burst, flaming (?) into the future, and am now considering buying a laptop with a one Terabyte hard drive. Terabyte. Terr-ah-bite. I’m rolling that word around in my mouth right now. I’ve misspelled it a few time already, adding an extra ‘r’ (I expect Asylum Films to make a film called Terrorbyte soon). I knew what capacity one TB was, but I never considered that it would be a word I would utter. It seemed like some abstract, futuristic thing, like nanobot warfare. But now I can walk into John Lewis or Comet (well, not Comet) and buy something with TB in the description.

Reading in bed last night I noticed a mention of Poltergeist, a film which I now want to see again. I switched my phone back on (which took seconds), loaded my Sky+ app (which loaded within seconds), searched for Poltergeist, and set it to record on my digibox. All from my bed.

That, my friend, is progress.

That my attempt to record didn’t work because I couldn’t get a constant 3G signal shows that we still have some way to go before we’re properly living in the future, but we’re getting there, and at breakneck speed,.

Warren Ellis was right, the future’s happening already, and we’re mostly too busy doing other things to notice.


One thought on “Tech

  1. Breakneck speed indeed! When I recently heard a commercial advertising Terabyte memory capacity I was quite taken aback. “Terabytes?! Really? We need ALL that space now?” The only reason I even knew of that word was thanks to Ocean’s Thirteen, talking about an artificial intelligence security system. Are we on the brink of a sci-fi future already? I’m afraid so, and I’m stubbornly resistant. I recently read this Albert Einstein quote: “I fear the day that technology surpasses human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” Is he right? How did he know…?

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