One last thought on Walking Dead Season Three

Spoilers until the end of season three

Parkinson’s Law is defined as such:

“Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion”

When I was a student this term became shorthand for ‘I’m a lazy scumbag’. I’ve got a 500 word essay to do, but it’s not due for six months? I’ll write it the night before it’s due. I’d leave everything until the fear kicked in and I realised I had to do it or it wouldn’t get done. I procrastinated as much as possible, until I couldn’t procrastinate any more.

What does that have to do with the Walking Dead?

Did you see Andrea trying to pick that lock?

For what felt like days she watched Milton gradually turn from geek to biter, taking sooo much time to unlock her handcuffs. She thought she could stop and pity Milton. Any time he grunted she stopped what she was doing to turn and watch in case he became a zombie.

Aren’t women good at multitasking?

She messed about, failing to give her attention to the task at hand: freeing herself. She worked slowly, until she didn’t have time to work slowly any more.

Parkinson’s Law.

She deserved what she got.


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